The projects shown on this website are architectural projects I have done, mainly in Brighton and Hove, since I set up my own architectural practice. I work with clients who want to extend, convert, improve or alter their homes, and I will advise you on doing this in the most sustainable way.

More about how I work

  • Basement extension

    The brief was to create space and improve the layout of the house. The solution; build a basement shower room, use its roof as a balcony and swap the basement-level living room with the ground-floor master bedroom.

  • Loft conversion with limited height

    The brief was to solve a common loft problem; what to do when you can’t stand up in the loft but need more space and don’t want to move. The height of the first-floor rooms allowed us to drop the first-floor ceiling leaving ample height both on the first floor and in the new loft rooms.

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